Once the children complete their 3rd year at Mahali Pa Watoto they are at the age to join the state schools. We try to follow through to see what happens to the children after they leave us. We don't know where all of them are, but they love to come back and tell us.


We know how many children have benefitted year by year

2008 24 transferred

2009 19 transferred

2010 23 transferred

2011 24 transferred

2012 24 transferred 

2013 22 transferred

2014 20 transferred

2015 26 transferred

2016 24 transferred

2017 20 transferred

The children who have transferred now attend one of 6 schools in the locality. One of the local heads keeps in contact with us eager to take the next ‘batch’.

The state education system in Kenya chnaged in 2018 and is called the the 6 6 3 system, formerly 844, we are still working out exactly what it means but we dont think it chnages much for us but may introduce fee paying earlier at age 12 rather than 14 asit was before.

2 years in preschool or nursery with  a new curriculum (our part)

6 years in primary age 6 to 11, 
6 years in Secondary from age 12 to 18,
3 years in University from age 18

Class sizes in state schools are say 50 plus and the teaching style is talk, chalk and learning by rote. It is a successful system for those who survive it but there is little room for flexibility in terms of learning styles.

There would be little by way of equipment in a state school and much of it would be broken or in a poor state. Our graduates thrive as the building blocks of learning are in place.

We already have our first three university applicants and we are pleased to be able to support past pupils in this way, as the costs of education at the higher level are high. Its not just about the academic career - it might also be vocational see our Nurse training


Sending the children off in style

School Uniforms are a requirement of attending state school in Kenya, so when our children graduate we kit them out. This is not a cheap exercise and we are delighted that Oadby Baptist Church and friends have been raising funds to make it possible for our children to be kitted with the best! 

Each year 25 or so children go off to 'Big School' and having a uniform is confidence building, especially if its a new one!

The excitement over a pair of new shoes is clear - probably the first pair of new shoes they have ever had. To give to this work just let me know