A second school and an exciting project

We met the leader of a church on Rusinga in 2014 and have ben wondering how we might partner with him ever since and as we reach the end of 2017  the story begins, read on ......

rusinga island map.jpg

Rusinga Island

This is an island on Lake Victoria in very rural western Kenya and is marked A above. Its a 7 hour drive from Nairobi or a one hour fight to Homa Bay or Kisumu. Life depends on Fishing and Agriculture and there is a lot of poverty.

 This is Moses and his congregation

This is Moses and his congregation

Lakeside Baptist Church

Steve and Ellen met Moses who leads this church in November 2014

Mr Palfrey (002).jpg

Graham Palfrey

This project exsts because of the donation left to us my Graham Palfrey who died in 2014 and unbeknown to the trustees had an interest n the school from reading our newsletters in his final years