The community of the church are serving the surrounding area in a number of ways. They hold services on Sundays and do the things we would expect a church to do, but they are also the local dispensary, maternity unit and school (although other schools are available)

Maternity and Dispensary

In rural areas in Kenya it can be a long distance to see a Doctor, and even further to a Hospital. To assist rural commuities the Kenyan Government enters into partnerships with churches to provide basic medical services. The government supply drugs free of charge and the church employs a nurse and pays for the nurse from the prescription charges. Lakeside Baptist has been doing this for 10 years but the original dispensary building has collapsed. They currently operate from one wing of the church building which is not ideal. We are working on helping them to rebuild the dispensary.

Any future dispensary building will house the maternity room and deliver 4 babies a month on average in very basic conditions.

School 220 Children

Pastor Moses started a school in Rusinga more than 20 years ago and handed this to the community when it became a burden to run. It has been a dream to do this again and Moses has recently achieved 'sponsored status' with Compassion, see This has opened the way to a new school where the teachers’ costs are covered by Compassion. The church has land to build on and we can therefore launch a second MAHALI PA WATOTO school on the same lines but with less capital and fewer overheads. The capital for the frst classrooms has come from the Palfreyman legacy and building commenced in July 2018.

  In July 2018 as we post this article we need funds to help the school get going with the basics like tables and chairs and cooking equipment that can deliver lunches for 220 children!

The opportunities that this will provide us as a charity are huge as we will learn first hand how an organisation like Compassion UK work at the project level and we hope to learn things we can apply in Nairobi