Over the years we have had many visitors to the school from around the world. People who have spent a few days or a week at the school to see it first hand and help out with things around the school. Our volunteers have often helped build new parts to the school, a chicken coop, painting the playground, murals.

Steve visits from time to time to assist and oversee from a governance point of view. Why not come?



There are so many ways to raise funds for the Seed Sowing Network. We have been blessed to have had so many people go to lengths to make sure our school can continue it's support of the children.

  • Julie Lewis rode the London to Brighton Night ride not once but twice

  • Dave Kenny ran the London Marathon in 2012 and raised over £2,000 for the school. He was our third London Marathon runner and followed in the steps of Richard Hope and Wendy Prideaux. In June 2012 I took Dave's medal and running shirt to Kenya and let the children wear it!

  • Oadby Baptist Church held a concert and raised £800 for the new computer room.

  • Lucy Cooper asked her friends to give money for the school rather than presents when it was her birthday....... Graham and Sheila Lamb did a similar thing on their wedding anniversary.

  • Debra Woods continues to make Jewellery and sells this to friends.

  • Some have cycled crazy distances for these children

  • The Roberts family of Sandbach have climbed Mt Kilimanjaro amongst many other things.

  • Several businesses donate to us at Christmas rather than sending Christmas cards.

  • Some have sold cakes, others have completed sponsored silences

Steve is happy to come and do a talk on the work, just ask. Whatever you want to do let us know, we are able to provide support materials for any fundraising. You can use our just giving page:


People often ask if it’s not a lot of work fundraising and I have to say no because with sponsors like you its a pleasure. 

We could not do this without you and for that we truly appreciate your support.

We depend on a core of regular donors who give by standing order and with the help of gift aid these regular contributions meet 50% of our annual fund raising target. It costs £35,000 per annum to run the school. The gap is covered by fund raising and one off donations. We keep our donors informed via regular newsletters.

You can down load a gift aid form here or complete the form to the right and we will post one to you.
Please post the completed form to 48, Woods Lane Derby DE22 3UD

If you want to set up a standing order the details can be obtained from Steve on 07867 971 854 or by emailing We used to have our bank details on here but people kept using them to sign up for AA and RAC membership as neither organisation seem to do any checks. If you want them just email Steve