We have 4 new alumni seeking funding for secondary education

We have been waiting for years for tis moment when a number of students return with good grades and a desire to continue - here thay are 2019 the FAB FOUR. Education is free until you are 14 and then the next yeas cost about £800 perannum. If you can help contact steve@seedsowing.co.uk



When I met Brandon he was just about to turn 16, we sat on the steps of the school. At first he seemed shy but relaxed once he was talking about his favourite animal. Brandon fondly remembered his time at Mahali, teacher Lucy and the building being single storey. He left Mahali and went to Gitiba Primary school.

Now boarding at Jamhuri High School he enjoys sharing a dormitory room with all the other boys. Its a change from home in Dagorettiwhere he shared a room with his younger brother who currently attends Mahali. He also loves his new school uniform and studying new subjects like biology and Geography. He has regular opportunity to swim and his face lit up when talking about his swimming lessons.

Brandon never knew his father and was raised by his Mum and Grandma who collects wood from the forest for a living. His older brother helps the family as he works at the slaughter house in Dagoretti.

When he grows up he wants to be an electrical engineer so he is focused on his maths and physics at school and he would love to study at Nairobi University. Oh and the favourite animal ? … its the wildebeest, because when they migrate they get eaten by crocodiles



Joyce is a bright eyed, open faced bundle of energy. She is 15, daughter of 2 heavy drinkers which meant her time at Mahali was erratic, and life has been a challenge. Her mother, aged 34, does laundry when she can. She does have a kind, supportive grandfather. Her home is not far from our school opposite Gitiba Primary School though she went to Mutuimi Primary where she loved Maths and Swahili. There she was chosen by pupils and staff to be President of the School. She gained a very high final score in her exams there.

In January she began studying at a Boarding School in Nairobi, Statehouse Girls, one of the top schools in the country. She has made friends and enjoys the long school days, beginning her studies half an hour before others awake at 4.30 am. Choir and football give her breaks from the daily school work.

Joyce’s dream is to be a lawyer. Her smile, confidence and desire to change Kenya reminded me of Michelle Obama, whose autobiography I have just read.



Aaron,14,  lives in Dagoretti in a 3 roomed home roughly 9x9 feet with his mother and 4 brothers. 3 of them attended Mahali. He attended St Mary’s Primary School, loving Maths, and he gained a good final score in his exams. He is a shy young man who thinks deeply. He told us about studying the planets and the solar system. He is a Chelsea supporter, but still enjoys football.

In January he began boarding and studying at Langata High School where his best friend is Dennis. Together they have found Computing and Business Studies interesting and challenging. He dreams of becoming an engineer one day.



Edwin is 15, a proud Kenyan who sees his nation as a friendly people. He remembers teacher Lucy from his days at Mahali. He lives close to Mahali with his mother and father and 4 sisters. His father works in  the slaughter house in Dagoretti, his mother collects firewood and is a key member of the community helping people to solve problems and disputes. Edwin obviously admires his mum and when we explored his day to day life he seemed a thoughtful caring young man with the same desire to help others solve challenges. At Gitiba Primary School he loved Maths and playing football. He is a Manchester United fan.

Edwin is now at Kitangari High School, settling into the boarding school routine of early starts and studying each day. His favourite lesson is Physics. He also loves music, particularly reggae.

Edwin wants to become a pilot, and earn money to help others.

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